5 Facts About Blogger

Many people ask me "exactly what's the blog?" Describing a blog can be a little complicated, so you prefer to have about 5 fun blogger facts for you?

Fact # 1 We're not sitting down on tweeting and sharing these posts on Facebook every other day

I've asked several times when I ever leave the computer and I answer I most of the day. So why do you see my tweets, Facebook and other social media last night? We use a scheduling system. Many are out there and I use Hootsuite. All the posts I'm writing, scheduled to submit my community media by my date and time (remember when I said I could share my posts after I wrote it?). We postpone schedule in our social media sharing account, and the platform will make every tweeting and posting.

Fact # 2 – What We Do Not Blog to Get Free Things

Many friends and family say, "I need to get a blog – you get a lot of free stuff and help!" Well, these free stuff and benefits cost. What does it cost? Time! It takes a good writing blog for about 20 minutes to write and paste pictures, guidelines, and add more time if you offer the Playback toolbar for that post if you have a gift. After you write a post, we will proceed to step 2. Getting the word out! This entry is inserted several times in social media platforms. I feel you can be sure that a sponsor's post can lead to the contents of the package and your company, so you can write a thorough review in which you post the post collection and add pictures to the post and share it in over 2 hours! (My husband would say I'm a lot bigger in my time.) [#

fact # 3 We're at a price-worth

has ever appeared in my talk about money, Blogging sometimes looked strangely strange. Many people know that I get products, but are they paying? Yes! Blogging is like a part-time job for me (full time). The more web pages and posts we have, and our plugin to join other bloggers or social media channels, are getting more and more visitors to our site. The more visitors you get, the better ratings on our website in the web-sphere. The better these ratings, Google and other affiliates know that many of our visitors see our posts and our pages. You may be asked to place ads on our side pages by paying as many visitors as possible on our site – the more we paid. We can also write a post for a brand that does not have any sent items, but is looking for a sponsored post. Sponsored Mail means that you've posted & # 39; or paid! So this is just a few ways to get it if you just return. So go back and click on some ads – thank you.

Fact # 4 We Are Family

First of all, I mentioned that we are joining the communities to share our posts on the web. These communities are different from similar bloggers. I visit some groups every morning. My entries are linked to these groups and we share and comment on each other's sites and posts. Many other bloggers can share my post in the entire social media and share them in exchange. I can answer a blogger invitation to join a particular event or campaign and work together to show it to you. Sometimes we have a hard time blogging – we can help them quickly. We are like distant relatives who never see each other, but when you need help or help, or a question is needed, we all are gone and we know that we are paid back as a courtesy or simply because we are able to join and meet someone's new remote.

Fact # 5 – Honest reviews

For any comments we've been writing for a review, we have already contacted the brand name. We asked for a price for each paid job and we got our product from them. Before we agree to work with them, we'll try them a bit and ask if we have questions. If we have bad communication, we will go to the Blog Communities to see if there are any problems for others. We are working very hard to make sure that we do not get ourselves into a brand that can cause spam or chaos to our readers. Have I ever had a good relationship with the brand and did not like the product when it arrived? Not often, but there is. If it's wrong, I'm communicating with the brand to make things fit. If I commit myself to a post, I may just keep the multitude of my experiences away from lying and simply telling the facts about the product. Then I can say something about who would think the product would be able to perform or not. Have fun, maybe not fit to me, but it fits very well!

So there are some facts that you've ever answered the answers to these questions or thoughts. I'm not talking to every Blogger. I can only talk to those who are honest and tough as a publisher. I'm talking about those who take our Blogs seriously, not all Bloggers. I must say that most bloggers have experience that most bloggers are very honest and we are all working behind us to get information that we know will come back. We are writers, organizers and publishers. The biggest reward for everyone is a positive note for our comments. Let us know you were there!

Are you a Blogger? Am I suppressing any obvious statement? I'm sure, but I did not want 10-page posting!

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