4 Most Beautiful Thailand Beaches

Thailand's beaches are the best known beaches in the world. Most people agree that the uniqueness of Thai beaches is different, and that may be the reason why they should go there.

Here are 4 beaches in Thailand, which are the most beautiful beaches. They give the best picture to the visitors and provide the landscape that they have never imagined.

Phuket Thailand, a great location, is the first choice in Thailand. This place is a bit more crowded than other beaches, as this area is flourishing in tourist dollars.

Khao Lak, an excellent beach in Thailand, is the beach you need to visit if you want to go to Thailand. This place provides a distant holiday area like the rest. Water is still warm in November and December, and fishing and diving come from this world.

West Riley Thailand's beach is also a great beach in Thailand and one of the unexplored diamonds. The sand is milky white and the water is clean. Besides fishing, diving is also a famous sport. You can reach this place with a long tail boat, so plan for a long trip.

Phi Phi Don Thailand is an excellent choice for you. This place is considered to be one of the best known in the whole country and has many big names. You need to visit this place because the view is breathtaking and the water is warm and inviting.

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