3 Disadvantages to Imitating Popular Bloggers

It goes without saying that popular bloggers are attracted to readers by interesting content and their unique delivery style. Having said that it certainly makes sense to use the same websites as a "model" for others who are trying to build their own successful website! The problem with this strategy is, however, to become a really good blogger if it is different! For this reason, there are 3 disadvantages when trying to successfully blog "ideas" from others

Ready done

These people are popular or famous because they those who are, and it shows up! Trying to copy your approach & # 39; only criminals or cheap knock-offs and betray your Internet-based delusion! The most appropriate way to get out and get started reader's attention to create your own unique style! This will reduce your level of competition to make it easier for visitors to "and the site's visitors to be loyal!

Disapproving You In You

Snowflakes both, , do not you think your personality is unique? Copy others if blogging prevents the development of your own identity! The fact that you always have to be careful that your personality shines & # 39; thus affecting the blog's appearance and feel! The reason is that this is a wise strategy that obviously will be much easier for you than to try someone else. Keep in mind that it is unique in many ways, so this is what you make for interesting content, simply because your thoughts and ideas are exclusive to TEVEKET!

Your Creativity

is your efforts to try and repeat what others are doing, narrows the emphasis and hinders creativity. It is as if the mind is "sleeping" while watching TV when it is too involved in "copying" others there is a risk of hibernating its own creativity! People want to see others & # 39; so give it to them! All the good bloggers you find will have their own unique style and are not afraid to develop and use their own opinions and / or ideas.

The popularity of popular bloggers offers interesting content with a unique style that is appealing to readers! Common sense seems to "dictate" that copying these websites would be the best strategy you can use to become a good blogger! The above conversation also points out that the most successful blogs are those that create their own unique identity! The 3 disadvantages discussed here disperse this ad to imitate popular blog sites! Although it appears that "duplication" & # 39; Successful strategies make other people make sense when blogging that also causes them to miss their own unique style! The point is to become a good blogger who you want and you need to highlight from others, which is hard to do if you do the same as they are! Think about being different and hugging your differences when using them as a tool when blogging!

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