2nd Type diabetes – maintaining a lasting blood sugar level with these Thai food-classics

Thai food is one of the fastest growing food in the West. And in most other countries, it offers tasty and rich foods, it is no wonder that type 2 diabetics are increasingly turning to Thai meals to eat healthily without strangling tasty salads and sandwiches.

All Thai dishes in the local Thai restaurant menu are adequate for diabetics. A meal of papaya salad, fried pasta and sweetened sticky rice is likely to increase blood sugar levels as a dragon. Fortunately, you have some mouth watering Thai foods that are ideal for controlling diabetic blood sugar.

Spicy crab soup: Spicy crab soup (also known as "tom yom goong") Contains fresh shrimp, Thai spices and coconut milk. Although not as healthy as salmon, 3 fats have been found to be responsible for anti-inflammatory insulin resistance, published in 2009 "FASEB Journal" has shown that omega-3s are complemented by guinea pigs from obesity Resulting in low insulin resistance Coconut curry Panang curry with foods such as vegetables and lean meats based on diabetic diets Coconut oil is rich in unique fat types known to be medium chain triglycerides The February 2009 "Diabetes Metabolism research "concluded that the medium-chain triglyceride-rich diet Lek help to control diabetes in their blood sugar levels. Baked breakfast glory is the perfect Thai supper. Morning glory is a green plant that can help with weight loss. Studies show that diabetics who enjoy the vegetables generally measure less than vegetables.

Grilled chicken: Many Thai restaurants offer grilled or fried chicken. If you remove the skin, this food will be quite low in saturated fat and calories. Research suggests that it increases protein intake from healthy food, for example, grilled chicken can retain appetite and even increase metabolism.

Steamed vegetables: Broccoli, tomatoes, onions and carrots. However, Thai people would not accept a small meal like steamed vegetables. By adding a portion of salt and a large amount of coconut milk, the classic diet turns from boring to mouth sores.

Fresh Fruits: Thailand offers fruit such as pineapple, dragonfruit and mango Which are not only delicious but packed with important vitamins and minerals. Ask the local Thai restaurants to produce a fruit bowl with traditional Thai fruits for dessert. Make sure you limit your fruit as certain Thai fruits such as mangoes and pineapples are sugar-rich.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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