25 reasons to visit Tampa

Located in the western region of Florida, Tampa has every sunny and sandy beach anyone can dream of, but there are even more places out of the beaten path. Florida is full of fun and interesting attractions, but Tampa is home to some unexpected venues that will surely please everyone in the family.

Amusement Parks
1. Busch Gardens – One of the most famous amusement parks in the area, due to an exciting mix of horse and exotic animals.
2. AirHeads Trampoline Arena – Come to celebrate a birthday or jump and play in one of the classes.
3. Adventure Island – Come ready to play and get wet on more than 20 water tours, all of which stay cool on warm summer days.
4. Dinosaur World – Located on the outskirts of Tampa, this dino experience is in contrast. The great dinosaurs ever found in America have huge life-size copies here.
5. Splitsville – When one of these surprises falls on the results in the summer, or on one of the rare days when the weather is not as nice as it would be curious, you can enter the bowling. The food and entertainment here is the whole gang.

Sports and More
1. Bayshore Blvd. – Collect your family and friends and ride on the scenic trails of Bayshore Blvd.
2. East Bay Raceway Park – Competition fans have an explosion in carnival style. Family-friendly entertainment with food retailers and a breakdown night.
3. The Steinbrenner Field – This is the New York Yankees and the whole Spring Training Site.
4. Countryway or Pebble Creek Golf Clubs – Take a golf vacation here and choose from many packages. These beautiful courses can be played at a great price.
5. Tampa Bay Downs – For the rider's love, the race track is where you can. Go to any day of the week, and on Sunday, family fun with free pony tours and lots of food samples.

1. Glazer Children's Museum – This is the perfect place for children under 10 and below. Kids can learn to discover in a clean and friendly atmosphere with many different exhibitions.
2. Tampa Bay Historical Center – Located in the heart of downtown, there are plenty of Florida history and industry. There is so much to see and do as an exciting lunch at the Columbia Café.
3. SS American Victory Mariners & # 39; Monument and Museum Ship – A sailor or crew can walk on a museum boat that presents the naval adventures and stories of the Navy.
4. Wat Mongkolrata Church – Walk through a Thai experience while visiting Tampa. Learn about culture, people and religion while taking authentic dishes from the region.
5. Tampa Congress Center – There's always something exciting about downtown. The congress center is a large closed arena that gives many performances and festivals throughout the year.

Lions, Tigers and Bears
1. Florida Aquarium – Take the kids to see stunning fish and aquatic animals. Get a one-year flight to have fun all year round at a great price.
2. Lowry Park Zoo – Plan a fun afternoon in the zoo with free parking and low entry rates. Everyone will enjoy the many exotic and endangered animals.
3. Big Cat Rescue – If Serengeti is too far from your liking, you will try to see the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa among the most scary cats. The houses are large, and these beautiful creatures here are very well catered for.
4. Night Safari at Busch Gardens – If it's not the tea cup, then at Busch Gardens is a night safari. There is plenty of opportunity to feed the giraffes and visit other majestic animals.
5. Manatee Spotlight – This is the perfect place to visit manatees in their natural habitat and learn their conservation efforts.

Free Activities
1. Heritage Village – This village in Pinellas County, near Tampa, is full of old houses and antique objects. Visitors will find out what they want to live a hundred years ago.
2. Strawberry Festival – Who doesn't like free strawberries? This huge indoor / outdoor strawberry gathering has plenty to see and do for the whole band.
3. Gasparilla Pirate Fest – Take the kids to see Tampa's biggest pirate parade. There will be over 700 pirates in one place.
4. Tampa Bay Pro-Am – If you enjoy golf, you can watch professional golfers.
5. Sunset Beach – The beach is the perfect place for swimming and sunbathing in the ocean.

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