The State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was established in 1997 to provide health insurance for families who are looking for too much money for Medicaid but are not sufficient to provide private insurance. The plan foresees health insurance for nearly 7 million children last year.

The Congress recently adopted a proposal to extend the program from $ 5 billion to $ 35 billion a year over five years. George Bush, whose job is better with money than assisting disadvantaged children, vetoed the bill, which will cover 4 million more children by 2012. Bush claimed that the bill would "federate" health care

Money for the kids, but a lot of money for war in the Middle East. We need three billion dollars for a week for Afghanistan and Iraq. One Week! Give the kids aspirin and tell them to wait a little longer.

We have no money for our children, but there is much money for Israel. Where can we find the recently approved $ 30 billion for Israel's defense support over the next 10 years? Reduce food aid aid for poor Americans? Dentists may have to pay for the prostheses and their feet.

What about the standard annual aid package for Israel? For years it has been said that it "only" has reached 2-3 billion. Do not believe it! If debt forgiveness and early payment costs are counted – not to mention the total weapon systems – Israel pays $ 10 billion a year on taxes!

You may not have heard of the latest counterfeiting system as Favorite. Ally. Concerned with the declining dollar, the Israelis are now requesting their annual publication in euros. As the euro is currently about $ 1.40, the $ 10 billion rise to $ 14 billion. There are bridges, homeless veterans on the street, poor New Orleans blacks who were left behind by their government, and two more years after Katrina, waiting for help – the denial of millions of children with health insurance – and Israel raises! When will health be restored? When are we demanding the entire government? Beginners.

With the human face in child health insurance debates, Congressional Democrats have been helped by 12-year-old Graeme Frost to respond to George Bush's weekly radio address. Young Graeme and her sister were seriously injured in a car accident and their restoration was helped by the CHIP program. "If it were not CHIP, maybe I was not here today," Graeme said. "We received the necessary help because we received health insurance through the CHIP program."

On the left day, a story about the young spokesman appeared, and the attacks began. Conservative bloggers relied on the boy and his family. They reported that Graeme Frost and his brother Gemma attended a private school, paying $ 20,000 a year. His father, Halsey, a self-employed woodcutter – obviously decided not to pay a contribution.

But it turns out that Frost kids went to school in almost complete schools, and Halsey Frost last year dropped $ 45,000 – not enough to provide health insurance. Gemma Frost participates in a private school to help brain injury resulting from an accident. The state pays an entire $ 23,000 annual fee

Right-wing Republican fanatics with the vicious evasion tactic of a 13-year-old boy and his family are scornful of the whole country. The attacks against them were not willing. Rush Limbaugh's conservative commentator, as rich in parasites and personal information, including Frost's home address and father's employment site. Senator Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell is accused of lying and sending personal information via the media to E-mail to ABC's reporter. A McConnell aide denies the award, but McConnell is the legislator's sponsor, which actually reduces the number of children covered by benefits.

Cui Bono? Why do not you personally attack a 12-year-old puppy from his coma so as to get laws that injure other children? It's under contempt. How low can you go? The frosts are harassed and attacked for no reason – apart from the desperate attempts to prevent the millions of children from participating in health care. The Republicans gave a new pathetic view of arrogance and greed. No wonder this once big, compassionate country is self-destruct before our eyes.

The personality of hatred, the Republicans stand up. He tries to punish a 12-year-old child and family – simply because they dare to talk. Freedom of expression is still barely protected by the first constitutional amendment. When he left, we will all suffer the totalitarian government of the police state, which he seems to be so nervous about.

When an ABC intelligence organization like ABC tries to dazzle a 12-year-old child and their parents, they can not afford to spend half their expensive income on health insurance – we're in trouble. And Canada becomes more attractive every day.

I know, I know I'm a traitor and all this. Bad! I love this country. Really. Unfortunately I can not help but hate and fear my government. I traveled in the world and I will always be American. Funny thing. America no longer exists. We are an occupied country with a government that does not represent us anymore. In fact, we are a citizen without a country.

And try as I can, I can not see the way to change things. Our next elected government will be as bad or worse as it is now. Republicans continue to attack children because of lack of health insurance. We still torture people all over the world. We are still destroying the countries and stealing the natural resources and taking innocent life. It's not America that I knew. So how can we change it? I'm afraid it's too late and I do not think we know it. I'm too old to join any armed revolution. In addition to suddenly reminding me of a survey I read a few years ago. Members of the armed forces questioned whether they would oppose US citizens that it was forbidden to open fire if they were denied the confiscation of their weapons.

Their answer was "no" with the vast majority. I would think twice before trying to overthrow the government. The FBI, the CIA, the BATF, the Secret Service and all other agencies would be against you. With policemen who are ready to abolish each bones immediately – for whatever reason or for no reason. Blackwater's black mercenary army is Blackwater's killer. Along with the army, the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard staff.

Do you think you have a chance? I do not think so. And the more I think about it, the more reason I have to notice our northern neighbors. Not least the question of health insurance. The Canadians think a bit bizarre that they have any controversy about the need for an advanced Western society to take care of their children. For 40 years, there was a universal, single-paid Medicare system – and any party even proposing to privatize healthcare and return it to the private health insurance industry would be a political suicide.

Wondering and disbelieving. You can not blame them. Depending on how drastic they are, I think I may be tempted one day. Maybe you should consider it. After all, they enjoy one thing that they do not. Unlike the United States, there is apparently a government that really cares about its citizens. It would be a new experience and another world.

Source by Otto King

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