10 Small Things for International Travel

Here are some of the little things you should think of on your next international travel package list.


Calculator, Jodie Fosters character, Contact says numbers are universal languages ​​that are likely to be used to communicate with extra extraterrestrials, let me tell you how great it is on this planet, from Bangkok to Beijing. Casio is in a market anywhere in the world and the trader will know what you mean if you forget to enter yours. It is recommended that you use solar energy so you will never run out of batteries and even be environmentally friendly.


It was an alarm clock, many times that the morning call missed the small hotels and guesthouses, you could sleep at airports, train stations and bus stops, and you will never miss the connection. If you bring a mattress and a beach ball (I bet, though I carry them to the pool) for late flights and canceled trains. Yes, everyone else will be jealous of you, especially if you snore like a bear!


A compass around the city retreats in the right direction when you rotate it. You can watch that the driver does not wrap around, amazing travel time in Manila one.

Multipurpose power plug adapters, there are many in the market I do to change the different pin and plug configurations I carry 7 different in different countries i have the pleasure to look into. The 220 kV circular cross-section is the most universal. The common adapter includes the US 110 KV without earth and 3 pole circuits and 3 220 kV shovels. If you have any American plugs, make sure that the grounded 2 blade plug is in the States or there will be a real hard time everywhere, as most Asian countries are not earthed and the adapters are not configured with 2-pole bolted American grounded plugs


The camera looks natural, but not that. Security, if there is a shabby taxi driver taking the picture, you will be surprised by the transformation in your way of acting as a tout detention tool when it comes to bullying touts after using the 3 No, thank you, Buzz Off rule


The submersible warmers are wonderful all you can do is eat and drink, if you have one. I always check that this is in my bag. I'll take two long trips, just in case. I mainly use it for coffee in the morning, sometimes for pasta, like late-night snacks. Most airports find places where there is a plug that pays $ 3 for coffee or $ 6 for a sandwich. If you are traveling with a real backpacker's luggage, use cold water in a splash bathroom to cool the cold. Adventure Try the handmade Tuna Ala King Veggie Surprise, you will love it, promise!


Super Glue I do not know what your trip is, but in my experience I kept my friends with fixed shoes, sunglasses, BCDs until we got to a dentist I can not give it but it is something he likes pain . One of the first applications of Super Glues was said to be a fighter physician and M.A.S.H. surgical tool until the wounds are assembled until correctly locked in the back.


Paper Clips, Rubber Bands and Safety Needles, OK I've cheated them several times, but they are very small and they do not measure anything. Rubber bands to keep the dumbbells after the FX market stop. $ 100 = 766 yuan, which is = 4000 Baht, which = 400,000 Riel will have a lot of money to keep together, especially if it is big money like the Thai 1000 baht notes or 100 yuan notes. Paper clips for tickets and receipts in the notebook, and extra passport photos attached to your passport, where they are easy to find. Safety pins for damaged zippers and wounds when they are out of the super glue.


Remember the books and pens to write things you should remember like flight times, phone numbers, and words you want to learn like thank you, hello and how much I do not write anymore, just like I'm just yelling at the calculator. The idea is all your data in one place. They want to get everything back in China; you can store them there too. I'll buy those tiny black books that fit into the pocket of the shirt, and then remember the excursions.


You will be amazed at the wide variety of uses you will travel with this magical tool. Hope you will use it soon.

Source by Fred Tittle

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