10 Great reasons for traveling halfway around the world to South Africa

Since I moved to Arizona from Arizona for two and a half years ago, many times I was asked, "How long do Phoenix Cape Town last?" Well, it takes time – 20 hours if you're flying through London. Accept my words, although it is worth every minute of the journey you will see, eat and experience after you arrive.

Because you feel I'm a bit biased (this is my country I'm talking here), I've put together 10 very good, "Google-enabled" short lists for travel and visiting the incredible South Africa to the "list of bucks" 1.

1. Reason: The "rainbow nation" encompassing the eclectic blend of Africans and Immigrants, South Africa is extremely diverse and uniquely combines culture, wildlife, and beautiful scenery. Africa is one of the more developed countries, but despite modern and Western influences, it is passionate about preserving its traditional African flavor in food, music and lively culture. This is paired with the wild African bush and the vast array of unfair wildlife; South Africa and its people are very special.

Cause 2: South Africans are extremely friendly and proud of their nation and how far they have come to the War of Independence over the years. We are very hospitable and love to talk about our history and different cultures. Just ask us!

Ok 3: Bobotie, Amarula cream, Pap en Sous and Koeksisters. Good food is high on the list of South African priorities and is a very important part of social culture. Bobotie is often referred to as a national dish, but it shows that cultures are integrated, that it is actually a Malaysian bowl (more than a traditional African). There are many tasty, exotic and interesting foods to try out while you are there, but make sure they are included in the list. Ui The coastal beach sushi is outstanding too!

Ok 4: South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the most beautiful locations in Africa's wildlife observation. It is one of the largest in Africa, with 7523 square meters (about New Jersey) and surprising breeds, including 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 520 birds and 147 mammals, including the famous "big 5" the lion, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, the leopard, and the rhinoceros.

Warning of this warning – wildlife is very dependent on my hands and feet I can not count how many safari I was he still did not hurt to look at the elephant pastures, or the riding hippies, or to feel that a lion or a leopard witness was a booty to the moment of killing, as is the case. : South Africa is a fantastic climate, mostly in the spring and autumn when the weather is moderate. Remember that since the southern hemisphere, seasons are facing the United States. as Arizonans come out of the blazing hot summers in September, a cool spring with some rainfall in Cape Town (imagine how wonderful it would be!) [6] This is the home of Nelson Mandela – a man who suffered and sacrificed his great people South Africa has become a peaceful democracy. He is the man who said, "It always seems impossible until it happens." I love this! Some of the most moving places have changed history from old ways to new ones.

Reason 7: Cape Town is an extraordinary city, but the countryside is the best wine in the world. If you like this kind of thing, there are colonial style vineyards, and even if you're not a wine fan, the wine regions themselves are beautiful and rich in the history of modern South Africa.

Ok 8: There are 8 world heritage sites in South Africa, including the largest, oldest and deepest meteor crater on Earth, dating back over 2 billion years and 120 miles in diameter

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Ok 9: US visitors have no language barrier. Yes, in South Africa there are 11 official spoken languages, but one of the English is, and most people say it.

Ok 10: South African rand is weak compared to the US dollar – currently 10: 1. While this is bad for South Africans visiting the United States, for those visiting South Africa because they spend so much more on it! Trust me, you definitely want to pack light so you have plenty of space in your bag for all the souvenirs and gifts you want to buy.

There are more reasons to visit her, but hopefully these will encourage you to seriously consider traveling.

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