10 Facts About Mae Hong Son

1. Thailand's largest mountain range, about 90% of the land areas are pure forests and jungles

. Mae Hong Son is Thailand's least densely populated province, with about 250,000 people. Most of the population (60%) consists of mountainous groups such as Karen, Hmong and Lahu, "Shan" (ethnic minority group originating from South China), the remaining part.

3. Mae Hong Son Loop is a 600 km circuit that runs from Chiang Mai and passes between Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son and Pai. This is a popular way for travelers and motorcycle enthusiasts who would like to explore the less touristic side of North Thailand.

4. The popular path to Mae Hong Son Loop consists of 1,864 curves

5. The 8th largest province in Thailand (76 provinces in Thailand)

6. There is one A small Muslim community, mostly descendants of immigrants from Bangladesh who then went to Myanmar, Thailand

. Due to the remote and wild location known as "Siberian Thailand" where unfavorable government officials were transferred

. Mae Hong Son's old name is "Mae Rong Son," which means "it's a good place to fight an elephant". The mountainous terrain is considered ideal for elephants, so in the previous years elephants were removed from Chiang Mai to be trained

. Mae Hong Son's huge natural content of teakwood was to boom town teak logging until it was banned in the early 20th century when obvious teak was exhausted. It is now forbidden to kill teak trees and the government is trying to preserve this resource on growing teak plantations, many of which are visible on the main roads.

10. During the summer of forest fires, in the rainy season and in foggy mist during the winter, due to the misty fog of the vintage, it is called the "fog necropolis".

Source by Melissa Ah-Sing

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